You know what would be nice? If people actually spoke to me. I've been at my co-op for 2 days, 16 hrs, and I have no idea wtf is up. I swear, if the HR lady didn't call my manager and tell him I was on my way over, I'd still be standing in the hallway waiting.

I'm supposed to be setting up my development environment, but I'm at a standstill because I'm waiting for a license key for something. I sent in a ticket at 8:45AM and I got no reply. So, I spent a good chunk of the day reading up on asp.NET and C#. But you know, seeing how I'm brand new, you'd think someone would check in and see how everything is going. The only time I left my little cubicle was to go to the men's room.


*gurgle* This may be a long 4 months... I'll see what happens with that key tomorrow morning, and then go talk to my manager. Just frustrating. I couldn't wait to get out of there and drive home.

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